PROPHETS OF RAGE Feat. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Members: ‘Prophets Of Rage’ Song Released

Monday, 18 July 2016

PROPHETS OF RAGE, the supergroup featuring members of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, PUBLIC ENEMY‘s Chuck D and CYPRESS HILL‘s B-Real, has released a song called “Prophets Of Rage”. Check it out below.

While the description on PROPHETS OF RAGE‘s official YouTube channel calls this a “new original song,” “Prophets Of Rage” takes quite a few lyrics from the PUBLIC ENEMY‘s track of the same name which appeared on 1988’s “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back” album.

The band tweeted a message about the song, saying: “In a year, we won’t soon forget, ‘Prophets Of Rage’ is a song/band for those who feel they no longer have a voice.”

In other news, PROPHETS OF RAGE will play a free show at the Republican National Convention today in Cleveland, Ohio. It is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. at the End Poverty Now! rally at 1416 E. 47th Street. They will also play at The Agora in Cleveland tomorrow as part of their RNC protest.

PROPHETS OF RAGE recently entered the studio to record a brand new song called “The Party’s Over”, which the band premiered at its recent live shows. Helming the sessions was veteran producer Brendan O’Brien, who has previously worked with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, PEARL JAM, AC/DC and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, among others.

Morello told that the members of PROPHETS OF RAGE have set a very high bar for the material that they want to release. “The goal is a simple one: The music has to be devastating,” he explained. “In all these interviews, we talk a lot about the politics, but the cornerstone is that the music has to be devastating and we have to not just be competitive with our legacies, but in 2016, it has to be something that goes beyond that and is very authentic, unapologetic and contemporary.”

The guitarist added that PROPHETS OF RAGE is still finding its direction.

“When we got in the room, it was like, ‘Well, hold on, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We have to figure out what this band’s chemistry is to be great. How do we win with this team on the field?'” he said. “And that took awhile to figure out. I would say that it really came together a couple days before the Whisky show [May 31], where it was like, ‘Oh, shit, that’s what PROPHETS OF RAGE is going to sound like!’ And it’s still a process. I always look at it like it’s never done and will continue to be refined as we go along.”

PROPHETS OF RAGE made their live debut in May in Los Angeles, playing numbers from all three acts.

The band will embark on a North American tour in August.

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