OBSCURA: ‘Mortification Of The Vulgar Sun’ Video Released

Friday, 13 July 2018

“Mortification Of The Vulgar Sun”, the new video from Germany’s progressive death metal masters OBSCURA, can be seen below. The track is taken from the band’s new album, “Diluvium”, which is due out July 13 on CD, LP and digital via Relapse Records.

OBSCURA completes its long-running, four-album conceptual circle with the release of “Diluvium” (defined as a great oceanic flood), the band’s most evocative, diverse and vibrant release to date.

Recorded with longtime producer V. Santura (TRIPTYKON, PESTILENCE) at Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany, “Diluvium” is a stunning achievement for the illustrious quartet and a landmark release for progressive metal as a whole. Complete with all the band’s signature elements plus groundbreaking polyrhythms, dramatic songwriting, and jaw-dropping virtuosity, “Diluvium” will go down in the annals of metal history as one of the most astonishing performances the genre has to offer.

Vocalist/guitarist Steffen Kummerer told Distorted Sound about the lyrical concepts covered on the “Cosmogenesis”, “Omnivium”, “Akróasis” and “Diluvium” albums and how the four are linked: “The four records are linked within the four colors red-blue, green-yellow, the titles Omni-vium-Dilu-vium, Cosmogene-sis-Akró-sis and build up a cycle of birth, evolution, consciousness and death. All in all, the four records represent a life cycle. All lyrics are based on three different topics — philosophy, astrophysics and religion at the same time — while being in either a meta or macro point of view. Musically, the albums are linked within melody lines or themes. For example, ‘Emergent Evolution’ is linked to ‘Incarnated’, ‘The Conjuration’ to ‘Velocity’ and ‘The Seventh Aeon’ to ‘Orbital Elements’. Also, within the lyrics, a few themes I started with during the first three records are finished through ‘Diluvium’. ‘Sermon Of The Seven Suns’ was taken by ‘The Seventh Aeon’, for example. If you sit down and read clearly through the four albums, there is much more to find and achieve.”

“Diluvium” track listing:

01. Clandestine Stars
02. Emergent Evolution
03. Diluvium
04. Mortification Of The Vulgar Sun
05. Ethereal Skies
06. Convergence
07. Ekpyrosis
08. The Seventh Aeon
09. The Conjuration
10. An Epilogue To Infinity
11. A Last Farewell (Bonus Track)

Additionally, OBSCURA has announced a North American headlining tour, set to take place from mid-September through early October. The band will be joined by BEYOND CREATION, ARCHSPIRE, INFERI and EXIST for what is sure to be the most talked about progressive death metal tour of the year.

Album art credit: Orion Landau

Photo credit: Christian Martin Weiss

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