MINISTRY To Enter Studio In January

Tuesday, 27 November 2018
Industrial metal pioneers MINISTRY will enter the studio in early 2019 to begin recording the follow-up to this year's "AmeriKKKant" album. Al Jourgensen told Consequence Of Sound in a new interview: "This [fall] tour pretty much closes out our touring on 'AmeriKKKant', and then we immediately, as of the first of the year, go into starting to record the new MINISTRY record. I have a studio in my house that is currently under construction to make it ready for next year. So when I go back, we'll go right into production on a new MINISTRY record and just record for, like, the next six months — very similar to what we did for [1988's] '[The Land Of] Rape And Honey' — and just record a bunch." Jourgensen added that the recording of the next MINISTRY album might take even longer, because he could "sidetracked" making new music with REVOLTING COCKS or LARD. He said: "My neighbor right down the street is Gary Numan, so we may hook up together on some stuff. We just talked about that the other day. That may happen, so who knows, it may take a full year, maybe two years before the MINISTRY record comes out, but we start recording January 1st." As for his plans for LARD, the industrial collaboration with DEAD KENNEDYS legend Jello Biafra, Jourgensen said: "I have a feeling that next year, me and Jello Biafra are gonna do a couple of LARD songs. As a matter of fact, it's not a feeling. I know that as a fact. So, we’re gonna kind of resurrect that." Earlier this month, Jourgensen told Billboard that he was back on speaking terms with his former MINISTRY bandmate Paul Barker. "We're actually talking about doing something in the very near future," Jourgensen said, "so who knows what may pop up on the next MINISTRY album. That's really gonna get the old-school crowd going." Barker was with MINISTRY from 1986 to 2003 and was the sole other constant member of the band through that time. He left after touring to support the "Animositisomina" album. Released this past March, "AmeriKKKa" was produced by Jourgensen and was recorded at Caribou Studios in Burbank, California. The artwork was created by Mister Sam Shearon.

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