MANDRAH Feat. Former GRIP INC. Guitarist WALDEMAR SORYCHTA: ‘The Other Side’ EP Available

MANDRAH Feat. Former GRIP INC. Guitarist WALDEMAR SORYCHTA: ‘The Other Side’ EP Available

Thursday, 22 November 2018
MANDRAH, the band featuring former GRIP INC. guitarist and acclaimed producer Waldemar Sorychta, Danish-German singer Cornelia Schmitt (THE HEROINES) and drummer Vic Chains (THE SPOOK, THE DEAD KINGS), has just released its debut EP, "The Other Side", via RecordJet. Sorychta's music has never been about walking trodden paths, following trends or copying other bands. Instead he always set marks himself — as the producer for genre classics like MOONSPELL's "Irreligious", SAMAEL's "Passage" and TIAMAT's "Wildhoney", as well as the creative mastermind behind GRIP INC. (with SLAYER's Dave Lombardo), critically acclaimed ENEMY OF THE SUN, and old-school thrashers DESPAIR. MANDRAH's music is described in a press release as "a shining blend of crushing metal riffs, with a hunting groove reminiscent of GRIP INC.'s signature sound meeting an outstanding voice. Schmitt beats the faceless masses of female operatic voices in today's metal scene within the blink of an eye. With a powerful voice evoking the late Amy Winehouse, the singer explodes from low tuned coolness to roaring heaviness, from a gentle punk spark to graceful heights and balladic fragility." It wouldn't be Sorychta's work if "The Other Side" was simply a regular metal EP. It is a unique collection of five songs backed up by sophisticated compositions combining grooving guitars with catchy melodies and exciting songwriting details turning every track into a little adventure. MANDRAH's music ranges from a hard-hitter like "Black Light" to a slowly growing treasure like "The Wedding" to a dark ballad like the title track. With a wink, Sorychta gives a nod to METALLICA in "Know My Name". The press release states: "Imagine a cool female hard rock voice teaming up with the Bay Area icons' sound during their heyday." "The Other Side" EP track listing: 01. The Wedding (4:56) 02. Black Light (3:21) 03. The Other Side (3:58) 04. Trailer From Hell (3:28) 05. Know My Name (4:03) Vocals: Cornelia Schmitt Guitar: Waldemar Sorychta Drums: Vic Chains Bass: Marius Ickert


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