BRING ME THE HORIZON Singer Says New Record Will ‘Take A Few Listens’

Monday, 07 January 2019
BRING ME THE HORIZON singer Oli Sykes has hinted in a new interview with Kerrang! magazine that the band's upcoming album, "Amo", "doesn't sound like what we've done before," adding that fans are going to have to give the disc a few spins to fully absorb what it's all about. Sykes explained: "This is the biggest departure for us yet. We change every record anyway, but this time I think some people are definitely gonna be, like, 'What the fuck's happened to my favorite band?' But at the same time, it's still BRING ME THE HORIZON. We just felt like it was time to do something completely different. [2015's] 'That's The Spirit' paved the way, but we couldn't have made this album any time sooner. We had to have people get to grips with where we were going." Asked if people now expect something different from each new BRING ME THE HORIZON album, Sykes said: "Sort of, yeah. People know what we're like. I know some people didn't like 'That's The Spirit'... and there's a lot of poppier stuff on this album too, but there's also a lot of experimentation and vibe and atmosphere, which has a darker tone in places. For me, it's heavier and, not raw, but things hit you and make you feel a lot weirder than 'That's The Spirit' did." He continued: "As a fan, I'd be excited about this album. It's definitely gonna take a few listens, not because you won't like it at first, but because the songs have got so much going on. They're a lot deeper than anything we've ever written before." BRING ME THE HORIZON released a new song called "Medicine" last week, along with an accompanying music video. It follows "Mantra", which has reached No. 7 on the rock radio chart. "Amo" will be released on January 25, with the group kicking off a North American tour on January 23 in Nashville.

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