STEPHEN PEARCY Says RATT ‘Would Like To’ Record A Few New Songs Next Year

Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Stephen Pearcy spoke to Sportskeeda about RATT's plans to record its first new music since 2010's "Infestation" album. "We would like to go in there and record a few new songs for next year, at least, before we go out again," the singer said. "I've got to have some physical stuff done, a knee surgery soon. Once we get back out there, I'm sure we'll make time to get back in the studio and do a couple of songs next year… I'll probably be working on new RATT music with Juan [Croucier, bass] in the next few weeks for next year." Pearcy went on to praise RATT's current lineup, which also includes Croucier along with drummer Pete Holmes (BLACK 'N BLUE) and guitarists Jordan Ziff (RAZER) and Chris Sanders (BRITNY FOX, KNIGHT FURY). "The band's great," he said. "I call it 'the new breed of RATT.' It's sounding good. We'll get a [new] tune out there [soon]. It'll be great." Stephen was less enthusiastic about "Infestation", saying: "I think it could have been better. We did as well as we could do… That's how I approach things, you can only do the best you can. To me, whether it sells 100,000 or 10,000 or a million, it's our music, it's my music… It's a different business these days. People want one thing, they don't want the whole package, but I give them the whole package, a full album from top to bottom." RATT's September 26 show in Huntington, New York saw Pearcy slurring while sitting down and nearly lying down on the drum riser. The 62-year-old singer also appeared to be slouching or leaning on to the bass drum during "Round And Round" and holding on to the tom-tom stand and bass drum to keep from falling over. Pearcy was similarly incapacitated during RATT's October 5 concert in St. Charles, Illinois, where some of the attendees said the frontman appeared to be "drunk" and "drugged out." He was also criticized for "walking off stage" and "sitting on a drum riser" during much of the performance. Pearcy later apologized to the RATT fans, saying in a statement that he was "dealing with a pain-management issue due to a bad knee that is scheduled to be replaced in January." He added that he "made the critical error of adding alcohol to my pain meds while on stage" at the Huntington concert "and it destroyed my performance." Pearcy will release his fifth solo album, "View To A Thrill", on November 9 via Frontiers Music Srl.

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