Tuesday, 20 June 2017
PROPHETS OF RAGE, the supergroup featuring members of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, PUBLIC ENEMY's Chuck D and CYPRESS HILL's B-Real, took part in a press conference at this past weekend's Hellfest in Clisson, France. You can now watch the question-and-answer session below. Asked if Donald Trump is the worst president the United States has ever had, PROPHETS OF RAGE bassist Tim Commerford said: "Well, he's sort of… he makes me wanna bring Bush back. And I hate Bush. So there you go." They might be dissatisfied with the current president, but don't mistake the group's message for anti-establishment nihilism. PROPHETS OF RAGE guitarist Tom Morello explained: "What a band can do is both reflect the times and try to change the times. I think in some ways we're following the lead of a lot of young people who are discovering resistance in the United States. The Trump Administration, it's my hope, will bring into existence the movement that dethrones it, and we hope to provide the soundtrack for that movement. So, in some sense, we might be musical leaders of the resistance, but I believe that the resistance itself is led in large part by young people who don't wanna see their planet all fucked up." He continued: "As far as our personal engagement, we've never not been engaged in social justice struggles. The first eight shows that this band ever played in our history, we gave away one hundred percent of the money for those shows to homeless organizations and activist organizations in those cities. We played on Skid Row… Our first proper show in Los Angeles was on Skid Row for homeless people. We played at a prison outside of Los Angeles. We played at a protest at the Republican National Convention. So while the message is something that is important to transmit in the moshpit and to have a great time and to have a great rock concert that hopefully contains some substance, the real-life social justice activism is equally important." PROPHETS OF RAGE recently released a video for its new single, "Unfuck The World". Directed by Michael Moore — who previously worked with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE on the "Sleep Now In The Fire" video — it juxtaposes politically charged footage with shots of the band performing live. "Unfuck The World" is taken from PROPHETS OF RAGE's self-titled debut album, which will be released on September 15. The disc was recorded with legendary producer Brendan O'Brien who has done notable work with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and AUDIOSLAVE.

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