MONSTER TRUCK: Lyric Video For ‘Thundertruck’

Saturday, 11 August 2018

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MONSTER TRUCK‘s official lyric video for the song “Thundertruck” can be seen below.. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “True Rockers”, which will be released on September 14 via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group.

It’s been two years since the mighty “Sittin’ Heavy” came out and in the 18 months that followed its release, MONSTER TRUCK played over 150 shows, which included arena tours with NICKELBACK, BILLY TALENT and a European DEEP PURPLE tour. They also played with BLACK STONE CHERRY, VOLBEAT, THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT, JANE’S ADDICTION, ROB ZOMBIE and ALTER BRIDGE.

During the time on the road, the band took a recording rig on tour and songs came together for what was to become “True Rockers” and they began to send material back and forth to producer Dan Weller (SIKTH, YOUNG GUNS, ENTER SHIKARI).

“When the inspiration strikes, use it, if you’re not gonna use it, you’re wasting it,” said singer/bassist Jon “Marv” Harvey. “As soon as you think of something could be a good song, work on it, immediately. Inspiration is so valuable.” They then returned to Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, North Carolina in July 2017 to record the album.

“True Rockers” is the sound of a band letting lose and having fun. Harvey affirmed: “We want people to listen to it and have fun, have as much fun as possible.” “Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say too,” added guitarist Jeremy Widerman. “I mean, right off the beginning of the album, you hear me scream at Marv. That just kicks off the entire vibe of the album. Us in a room, having fun, joking and yelling at each other.”

The album had been put to bed but the band were still bouncing around ideas and they had the opportunity to work with award-winning producers Gavin Brown and Maia Davies on songs “Evolution”, “Young City Hearts” and “Hurricane”.

“We had a chance to work with some hitmakers, so we took the chance, and what came out is different than anything we have done,” explained Harvey. “Gavin and Maia were fantastic to work with. It added a lot of color to the record and allowed us the opportunity to take a risk and branch out a little.”

Elaborating further, Widerman added: “It almost wouldn’t be a MONSTER TRUCK record if we didn’t reach the supposed end of the process and then double-back to track a few extra songs in order to strengthen what was already a strong record to us.”

Harvey has become a father since the last record was released and this life-changing moment had a real effect on the songwriting. Whereas “Sittin’ Heavy” was a more “serious” record, “True Rockers” is the sound of a band letting loose and having fun. Harvey affirmed: “We want people to listen to it and have fun, have as much fun as possible.”

This is the essence that is pumping through “True Rockers”, a band that formed only for fun back in 2009 have toured the world because they connect with their fans who want that from them.

Upon the release of “True Rockers”, they will be three albums in and are steamrolling through the world picking up people along the way that want that wild ride and its feels like they are only just getting started.

Widerman added: “Looking back to the beginning, I think, in a way, I knew it, I really did. Within the first couple of rehearsals we ever did. I always think back to how I knew this was something different to anything else I’d ever done. It was weird because I had to manage how excited I was. We all agreed that this wasn’t gonna be a band that signs a record deal and goes on tour. I was, like, ‘Holy shit! This is better than anything I’ve ever done before. How am I going to convince these guys to go with it?'”

“True Rockers” track listing:

01. True Rocker (feat. Dee Snider)
02. Thundertruck
03. Evolution
04. Devil Don’t Care
05. Being Cool Is Over
06. Young City Hearts
07. Undone
08. In My Own World
09. Denim Danger
10. Hurricane
11. The Howlin’

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