LIONIZE To Release ‘Nuclear Soul’ Album In September

Monday, 12 June 2017

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Maryland-based rockers LIONIZE will release their new full-length studio album, “Nuclear Soul”, on September 8 in digital, CD and LP formats. The video for the first single, “Blindness To Danger”, can be seen below.

“Nuclear Soul” follows the band’s widely praised 2014 album, “Jetpack Soundtrack”, and continues their ever-maturing sound. It’s emotionally driven and steeped in introspection, with subjects ranging from the end of times to heart break within the industry. Recorded locally in Maryland, production has been handled by CLUTCH‘s Jean-Paul Gaster with J. Robbins and LIONIZE.

About the song’s meaning, LIONIZE bassist Hank Upton explains: “So much of our career as a band has been following our instincts and running headlong into the unknown with no regard for how insane a tour/show/song idea might be. I feel like that passion and willingness to take a risk has gotten us very far. Naturally, though, you’re walking a tightrope. Same goes for your personal life with romance or substances, etc. Passion and heart will take you everywhere but where’s the line? I was trying to investigate that feeling.”

The video for “Blindness To Danger” toes that exact line, pinning LIONIZE‘s Nate Bergman against pro-wrestler The Almighty Sheik. Shot entirely on an Apple iPhone 7 with the Moment Wide and Tele lenses, video director Miguel “M.i.G.” Martinez chose this intimate format to show his young students that they don’t need expensive equipment to create a music video/film.

“Nuclear Soul” track listing

01. Darkest Timeline
02. Face Of Mars
03. Fire in Athena
04. Power Grid
05. Ain’t It A Shame
06. Election Year
07. March Of The Clones
08. Let You Down
09. The Mad Scientist of Sunshine
10. Nuclear Soul
11. Blindness To Danger

Leading up to the album release, LIONIZE — consisting of Chris Brooks (keyboards), Hank Upton (bass), Chase Lapp (drums) and Nate Bergman (guitar) — will tour this summer throughout the U.S. and U.K.

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