L.A. GUNS Frontman Says ‘The Missing Peace’ Album ‘Proved’ There Is ‘Genuine Chemistry’ Between Him And TRACII GUNS

Sunday, 16 September 2018
L.A. GUNS frontman Phil Lewis says the band's next studio album will sound like BLACK SABBATH but "blacker," alluding to a possible heavier or darker style than found on their most recent LP, "The Missing Peace". In an interview with Midlands Metalheads Radio prior to the band's September 4 concert at Robin 2 in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom, Lewis was asked what type of venues he prefers to play considering L.A. GUNS have played to various crowd sizes throughout their career: "My favorite gig and me Tracii [Guns, guitar] were talking about it, my favorite gigs are the theaters, like the 2,000-seater theaters like Hammersmith Odeons, that size. Clubs are alright and arenas are alright. Arenas are a little bit impersonal, but they stroke the ego, everybody loves it. Or if it's me playing acoustic guitar in front of 50 people. It's all the same." On the topic of his relationship with Guns, with whom he reunited in 2016 after a 14-year break, Lewis said: "Clearly, there was something missing in both of our lives. This record ['The Missing Peace'] has proved that it is a genuine chemistry. It's not something that was formulated to make a few quid — it's real. And it was important for us to prove that we weren't doing a nostalgia tour. It was really important for us to do a new record. We decided when that came out and it proved we are a real, legitimate band and we'll do another one. A lot of bands from our era, they stopped making records 30 years ago. It's never going to happen. We just have to keep going. It's what we do. It's what we enjoy. It's a challenge and how we thrive." When asked about what fans can expect from the next L.A. GUNS studio album, Lewis simply stated "It's like SABBATH, but blacker." Lewis went on to say that "The Missing Peace" is the L.A. GUNS album he's most proud of, explaining: "It's always the last one. I look back and there's certain aspects of prior records before that, but definitely the last one was a statement. Right now, the only thing going through my head is this new one and it's driving me crazy." Regarding what he hopes his legacy will be after he decides to retire from the music business, Lewis said: "Somebody who was brave enough to get the fuck out of this country [England] and go over and do something from scratch and prove to myself, my family and friends and my country that I could do it. And the music too, there's some good music in there as well. But, yeah, just the fact that I'm pretty fearless." "The Missing Peace" was released last October via the Italian record label Frontiers Music Srl.

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