KISS ‘Hotter Than Hell’ And ‘Alive!-Era Rock Iconz Statues Coming In The Fall

KISS ‘Hotter Than Hell’ And ‘Alive!-Era Rock Iconz Statues Coming In The Fall

Wednesday, 07 June 2017
KnuckleBonz, the creator of the Rock Iconz music collectible series, is rolling out two KISS statue sets. The KISS "Hotter Than Hell"-era and "Alive!"-era statues are currently in production. These exclusive KISS statues are hand-painted and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity printed on the base of each collectible statue. These are officially licensed products. The KISS statues are created using a team of highly skilled artists. Each statue is sculpted and cast in poly-resin and then hand-painted in fine detail. These limited-edition statues created by KnuckleBonz are highly collectible. Pre-order to reserve your set. Expected to ship early fall 2017. KnuckleBonz creates high-end sculpture that features rock's most highly influential artists. Dedicated to honoring rocks greatest through master artistry, KnuckleBonz established the music-based sculpture series Rock Iconz. For more information, visit KISS 'Hotter Than Hell' And 'Alive!-Era Rock Iconz Statues Coming In The Fall


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