JOSH TODD On BUCKCHERRY’s Recent Personnel Shuffles: ‘Things Had To Change’

Monday, 07 August 2017
On July 17, BackstageAxxess conducted an interview with vocalist Josh Todd of JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT and BUCKCHERRY. You can now listen to the chat below. Speaking about the current status of BUCKCHERRY, Josh said: "BUCKCHERRY is the best it's ever been. We've got new players, Kevin Roentgen on the guitar, and Sean Winchester [EVERCLEAR] is doing double duty for me; he's playing in BUCKCHERRY too, on drums, and he's so great. And it's still Kelly [LeMieux] on bass and Stevie [Dacanay] on guitar. And we've played a lot of shows this summer and we're still playing shows. So we're gonna finish up this summer with [BUCKCHERRY] and then put it on the backburner and go focus on the CONFLICT. But [BUCKCHERRY] is alive, well and kicking." Asked about the reasons for the departures of guitarist Keith Nelson and drummer Xavier Muriel from BUCKCHERRY earlier this year, Josh said: "Well, you'd have to talk to them. It was a shock to me and to a few of the other guys on the band. It is what it is. The bottom line is, the last three years of BUCKCHERRY was really challenging. It wasn't a band anymore; we didn't have that thing. We were just kind of showing up and running through the set, and that's not how you thrive, that's not how you stay successful. So things had to change, and things changed. And it's been a great change, and I think everybody's happy, including the people who have left the fold. And that's all that matters, you know." Todd was also asked whether Nelson is still involved in the ownership of the BUCKCHERY name. He responded: "That's a business question and I don't talk about business in interviews. But the BUCKCHERRY name is intact and I will be going out there and representing all things BUCKCHERRY." The new lineup of BUCKCHERRY made its live debut on April 28 at the Rock Into Spring festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. BUCKCHERRY's latest album "Rock 'N' Roll", was re-released in January 2016 via F-Bomb/Caroline. The deluxe edition featured the record's original track list as well as a new version of "The Feeling Never Dies", a brand new song titled "Getting Started" and a B-side called "Cannonball". JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT's debut album, "Year Of The Tiger", will be released on September 15 via Century Media.

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