JOHN CORABI’s Live Album, DVD Of His Performance Of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Entire 1994 Album To Arrive This Fall

Tuesday, 27 June 2017
Former MÖTLEY CRÜE singer John Corabi has confirmed that he will release a live album and DVD of his performance of the band's entire 1994 self-titled album, recorded in 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. Corabi originally joined CRÜE in 1992 as the replacement for the group's original singer, Vince Neil, who was fired due to personal differences. With Corabi on vocals, MÖTLEY CRÜE released one critically acclaimed full-length CD, which ended up being a commercial failure in the wake of grunge despite a Top-Ten placing on the album chart. When Neil returned to the fold in 1997, Corabi was left on his own and formed the band UNION with ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick. Speaking ot EonMusic, Corabi said about the album he made with the CRÜE: "Honestly, it's actually gained quite a bit of momentum than when it first came out. I have fans come up to me all the time and they're, like, I never got to see that.' So it's coming; it's called ''94 Live – One Night In Nashville', and it will definitely be out in September/October." Corabi in 2016 said that he would avoid talking about MÖTLEY CRÜE in the future because he didn't want his comments about bassist Nikki Sixx to descend into a feud. In an interview with Sweden Rock Magazine, Sixx said that writing the "Mötley Crüe" LP with Corabi was a prolonged and difficult experience. He went to call it "a very unfocused record" that was "painful for me, because John Corabi can't write lyrics, and I had to do all that work." Corabi initially responded to Sixx's comments by saying that he didn't "give a shit" about what his ex-bandmate had to say, but later told an interviewer, when asked about it again, "I have no idea why Nikki feels that I'm the biggest piece of shit to roam the Earth." He then proceeded to take to his Facebook page to claim that he would "officially have nothing to say about any member of MÖTLEY CRÜE ever again," adding that he was "not backing this bullshit stirring that is happening to start a feud." Corabi in 2015 contributed lead vocals to two songs from MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars, apparently called "Gimme Blood" and "Shake The Cage", which were recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The tracks have yet to be released, although snippets of both cuts have surfaced online.

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