ELECTRIC BOYS Release ‘Hangover In Hannover’ Music Video

Friday, 12 October 2018

“Hangover In Hannover”, the new video from Swedish rockers ELECTRIC BOYS, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “The Ghost Ward Diaries”, which will be released on November 23 via Mighty Music.

Vocalist/guitarist Conny Bloom comments: “Hannover. Stockholm. Tokyo. L.A. Been there, done that. ‘Hangover In Hannover’ is a hard rocker that I’m sure most people can relate to but wish they couldn’t. To quote Niclas, our drummer: ‘It’s not being drunk that’s great, it’s getting drunk.’ The aftermath can get you into a very dark place.”

Bloom previously stated about the “The Ghost Ward Diaries” songwriting process: “We like guitar riffs, strong hooks and heavy grooves, performed on analog instruments. I guess you’d call it classic rock.

“Lyric-wise, it’s a bit darker than before; little diaries from times on the road and the struggle in between.

“The album is far from predictable, yet it was the easiest album to record since the reunion. We really had a good team going with producer/engineer David Castillo.”

Formed in Stockholm in 1988, ELECTRIC BOYS is a band with roots in ’70s groove rock and ’60s pop and psychedelia. Their critically acclaimed debut album, “Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride”, was produced by Bob Rock (METALLICA, BON JOVI, THE CULT, MÖTLEY CRÜE) and spawned the Billboard Top 20 single “All Lips ‘N’ Hips” that got them heavy rotation on MTV.

After extensive touring, ELECTRIC BOYS entered legendary studio Abbey Road to record the follow-up, “Groovus Maximus”, which gave the band another Billboard Top 30 single with the song “Mary In The Mystery World”. The third album “Freewheelin'” (also recorded in Abbey Road) peaked at No. 16 on the official Swedish album chart before the band called it a day in 1994.

Bloom went solo until he, as well as bassist Andy Christell, joined legendary glamsters HANOI ROCKS in 2005. In 2009, they began the process of reuniting the ELECTRIC BOYS. They released the album “And Them Boys Done Swang” in 2011 and the critically acclaimed fan favorite “Starflight United” in 2014.

In all the years, the band has toured relentlessly opening for the likes of METALLICA, ALICE COOPER, MR. BIG, HARDLINE, VIXEN and THUNDER. In 2017, the band took part in the hugely popular Monsters Of Rock cruise from Florida, it was a triumphant return Stateside.

Earlier in 2018, ELECTRIC BOYS released two singles, “Dishes” and “Suffer”.

“The Ghost Ward Diaries” track listing:

01. Hangover In Hannover
02. There She Goes Again
03. You Spark My Heart
04. Love Is A Funny Feeling
05. Gone Gone Gone
06. Swampmotofrog
07. First The Money, Then The Honey
08. Rich Man, Poor Man
09. Knocked Out By Tyson
10. One Of The Fallen Angels


Guitarist/vocalist: Conny Bloom
Bassist: Andy Christell
Guitarist: Franco Santunione
Drummers: Niclas Sigevall and Jolle Atlagic (THE QUILL, HANOI ROCKS)

Sigevall and Atlagic share recording and touring duties.

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