DEEP PURPLE’s ROGER GLOVER Says Bands Like RIVAL SONS And GRETA VAN FLEET Would Have Been ‘Huge’ In 1970s

Monday, 12 November 2018
In a brand new interview with Mexico's MB Live, DEEP PURPLE bassist Roger Glover spoke about the state of today's rock music scene. He said (see video below): "First of all, there's two kinds of music — there's pop music and there's rock music. And they obviously have something to do with each other, but they're very different. And it's also a different time now. And a band like RIVAL SONS or GRETA VAN FLEET, if they were back in the '70s, they'd be huge — top of the charts everywhere. But it's a different world; it's now a world of streaming and a world of likes… "But there's some great musicians around," he continued. "I listen to music all the time; it's what I do. I don't listen to pop radio; I don't listen to the hits and stuff. I listen to a wide range of music and there's some brilliant musicians around. And it's very difficult for them to make a living. It's because the only thing you can make really a living at — unless you're Beyoncé or someone — is live music, and there aren't that many places to play. When we were growing up, you could five nights or six nights a week — easy." DEEP PURPLE's "The Long Goodbye" tour started in May 2017 in Europe and included a North American leg with ALICE COOPER and EDGAR WINTER as well as another summer run with JUDAS PRIEST. The band's latest album, "InFinite", came out in April 2017 via earMUSIC. DEEP PURPLE — which had been eligible for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for two decades — finally entered the Rock Hall as part of the class of 2016. The band's first three lineups were inducted, including drummer Ian Paice, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, late keyboardist Jon Lord, and various singers and bassists — Rod Evans; Ian Gillan and Roger Glover; and David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes.

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