BLACK SABBATH’s ‘Paranoid’ Gets Analyzed! The ‘Greatest Heavy Metal Album’ Explored in Depth

Thursday, 06 July 2017

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The Royal Publisher Of Oz has announced the availability of its new publication, “Black Sabbath: The Illustrated Lyrics Vol 2: Songs Of Protest & Apocalypse”. The book is available on and

BLACK SABBATH‘s multi-platinum-selling “Paranoid” is one of the most successful and beloved hard rock albums. Rolling Stone magazine lists it as the “Greatest Metal Album Of All Time,” while Vibe magazine says it’s one of “100 Essential Albums Of The 20th Century.” Beyond its radio staples, “Paranoid”, “Iron Man” and “War Pigs”, “Paranoid” is “the blueprint for metal,” according to JUDAS PRIEST‘s Rob Halford. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame writes that BLACK SABBATH “pursued such themes as war, social chaos, the supernatural, the afterlife, and the timeless conflict between good and evil.” Yet, they note that BLACK SABBATH “remain one of the most misunderstood bands in rock history.”

No longer! The second in a series of eight illustrated volumes written by Joe Bongiorno, “Black Sabbath: The Illustrated Lyrics Vol 2: Songs Of Protest & Apocalypse” goes beneath the myths and stories to provide the definitive analysis of the band’s soul-searing messages and themes with an in-depth examination of every song found on their best-selling “Paranoid”.

“Black Sabbath: The Illustrated Lyrics Vol 2: Songs Of Protest & Apocalypse” contains:

* An exhaustive discussion of every lyric from their album “Paranoid”, including early versions of lyrics, such as “Walpurgis”, and extra titles like “Jack The Stripper”.
* Over 200 powerful and haunting images from contemporary illustrators to arcane masters of old, as well as rarely seen photos of the band.
* A revised libretto for every lyric that corrects the various mistakes that have been published over the years.
* Parts 3 and 4 of the essay “Musical And Cultural Influences,” exploring BLACK SABBATH‘s roots.
* Edited by the creator of the “Philosophy And Popular Culture” series, William Irwin, who produced “Black Sabbath And Philosophy”, and Rich Handley, creator of Hasslein Books, publisher of genre-based reference books.

For more information, see (use coupon code QFDHRUDB to save $5.00).

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