AEROSMITH Fans Are Concerned About JOE PERRY’s Health After Watching Video Of Las Vegas Concert

Wednesday, 17 April 2019
A number of AEROSMITH fans are concerned about Joe Perry's health after a newly posted video showed the guitarist struggling to perform one of the band's classic songs. The clip in question, which was filmed on Saturday (April 13) during AEROSMITH's Las Vegas residency (and uploaded by YouTube user "Toshi Aizawa"), sees Perry sloppily working his way through "Livin' On The Edge", the hit track that AEROSMITH has performed live for the past 25 years, even since recording it for the 1993 album "Get A Grip". Joe's performance was deemed bad enough for Aerofanatic, one of the most popular AEROSMITH fan pages on Facebook, to share the clip on social media, along with the following comment: "Ummmm.... Joe....what in the fuck is that? I've seen and heard The Admiral thru good times and bad, and this has me genuinely worried. I hope and pray he's ok physically. And I say this not as a fan. I say it as a person genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of another human being. Maybe I'm overreacting, but my gut tells me otherwise." In the YouTube comments below the video, an AEROSMITH fan wrote, "Did Joe Perry forget how to play the song and tune his guitar?" while another chimed in: "After all the years of playing in the fast lane, time is catching up with them. I still have major respect for these fellas and I'll forever be the biggest Aerofantic!" A third fan was even more blunt, writing: "Jesus Joe. That was awful." Last November, Perry was hospitalized after guesting with Billy Joel on stage at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Perry experienced shortness of breath and was treated by paramedics. The legendary rocker, who's now 68, was taken out of the Garden on a stretcher after paramedics worked on him in his dressing room, reportedly inserting a tracheal tube down his throat at one point. As most fans will also remember, back in July 2016, Perry collapsed during a HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES gig at Brooklyn, New York's Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk. Perry's VAMPIRES bandmate Alice Cooper later told Rolling Stone that Perry was exhausted when he fell ill, and had not eaten in two days. AEROSMITH kicked off its "Deuces Are Wild" Las Vegas residency on April 6. The band is scheduled to play 30 more shows in Las Vegas dates before the end of the year — four in April, five in June, four in July, four in August, four in September, four in October, seven in November, and two in December. The band also has multiple-night "Deuces Are Wild" engagements booked at MGM properties in National Harbor, Maryland; Atlantic City, New Jersey; and Springfield, Massachusetts. In addition to the "Deuces Are Wild" shows, AEROSMITH is scheduled to make two festival appearances in July: July 14 at the Roxodus Music Fest in Edenvale, Canada; and July 19 at the Twin Cities Summer Jam in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Ummmm....Joe....what in the fuck is that? I’ve seen and heard The Admiral thru good times and bad, and this has me...

Posted by aerofanatic on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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